posted: 2015-07-27
by Windschief
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Friday Night

We are going on a summer break - and we plan to go out with a BANG! This Friday July 31st - starting the Blue-Moon-Night with THE BLUES BROTHERS at 7:00 pm, and what happens from there will be to remember!
Beer stock has to go - $3.00 beer/stout/lighthouse all night.
We will be closed for the month of August and maybe some more - we'll keep you updated.

posted: 2014-12-22
by Windschief
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posted: 2014-07-12
by Windschief
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2014 FIFA Worldcup Final

posted: 2014-06-30
by Windschief
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2014 FIFA Worldcup

Come and watch on big screen in HD!

posted: 2014-01-06
by Windschief
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PA Amp and speaker cases for sale

1 PA Amplifier Pyle Pro PPA200
two yrs old
BZ$ 100.00

2 speaker boxes (drivers are shot, just selling for the case) Seismic Audio 15', dimensions 15'x19'x29'
BZ$ 50.00 each

speak-on connectors available

523 7249
668 6087